Nomination of Candidates

The period (a week) for nominating candidates to stand at local election occurs four weeks before polling day.
A person may nominate him/herself or may be nominated by a local government elector registered in the area concerned.
A person can be nominated to stand in more than one area.
A nomination form from a candidate of a registered political party must have a certificate of political affiliation attached.
If no certificate is attached, one or other of the following procedures must be complied with before the expiration of the time for receiving nominations:
• the completion of statutory declarations by 15 assentors registered as local electors in the electoral area concerned which must be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths, a Peace Commissioner, a Notary Public, a member of the Garda Siochána or an official of the registration authority, or
• the candidate, or someone on his/her behalf, lodging with the relevant returning officer a deposit of €100 in the case of election of members of a county/city council and €50 in the case of a borough/town council.
A candidate may include party affiliation on the nomination paper. If the candidate has no party affiliation, the person may be described as "Non-Party" or may leave the appropriate space blank.
The candidate or proposer is responsible for ensuring that the completed nomination paper is delivered to the returning officer before the closing time for receipt of nominations at the election.
The returning officer must rule on the validity of a nomination paper within one hour of its presentation and may rule that it is invalid if:
• the nomination paper of any candidate is not properly made out or signed; or
• in the case of a nomination paper of a candidate who is not a member of a political party and who has opted to be nominated by way of assentors, the nomination is not assented to in the manner required.