Register of Electors

A register of electors is compiled each year by county and city councils. Everybody on the register is entitled to vote at a local election. Persons identified by the letter "L" opposite their names can only vote at a local election. A draft of the register is published on 1 November each year and is displayed for public inspection in post offices, libraries, other public buildings and on-line on the county or city council’s website. A person can lodge a claim for correction in the draft register up to 25 November. Claims are adjudicated on by the county registrar, whose decision may be appealed to the Circuit Court. The register of electors comes into force on 15 February. Persons who are not on the register can make "late" applications for inclusion in a supplement to the register which is published prior to polling day at an election. An application may be made at any time but in order to be considered for inclusion in the supplement to be published at an election, the application must be received by the county/city council at least 15 working days before polling day.
Kerry voters can check their details here.